Our Staff

The secret to truly successful work isn’t just about technology; it’s about working with the right people.

Hafeni Ndakunda

Managing DirectorHafeni Ndakunda is the Founder and Director of Wadilona Cyber Securities He recently completed his Management Development Programme (MDP) with University of Stellenbosch and holds both a BTech Degree in Electrical Engineering (Computer Systems Engineering) and a Certificate in Project Management from Cape Technikon.

Lazarus Kanime

IT TechnicianBSc in Information Technology (UNAM)

Kalenga Natangwe

DeveloperNatangwe lives on the internet. Having stumbled into freelance web development and design the same year Apple announced Siri (2013), Natangwe has spent most of his time since then creating small websites for both a living and for fun.

Petrus Abraham

IT TechnicianBSc in Information Technology (NUST)

Our Clients